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The whole world in one eye

Suren started to photograph when he was sixteen. Suren involved nearly in all fields of photography, especially in Macro, Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape, etc. His photos were published in numerous magazines. Especially popular his series of close ups of human eyes called “Your beautiful eyes”.
After having examined the mirror of the human soul, Suren Manvelyan switches to the animals’ eyes. This project is unique as each creature shows an exclusive ‘landscape’ because each animal has a unique shape, pattern and color of the eye. Manvelyan uses macrophotography to reveal the perfect beauty created by nature.

photo source:  surenmanvelyan.com

Nylus crocodile

A black rabbit

Albino Tiger Reticulated python

Tiger Reticulated python


Husky dog, right eye

Husky dog, left eye

A fish eye

Siam cat

The sterlet

Blue Crayfish

The hyena

The horse


A snail

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