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Funny monkey flea picking

Apes and monkeys (and lots of other animals as well) clean each other of dead skin, dirt, bits of leaves and other debris, and especially parasites like ticks, fleas, and lice. One study of Japanese macaques, found that overwhelmingly, what the monkeys were picking off each other were lice and lice eggs, which the cleaners then generally ate. Mmmm …

monkey-flea-picking-There are two theories about why animals engage in allogrooming, and as is often the case when two theories continue to compete for decades, both are probably true. The first idea is that it’s just about parasite removal and hygiene. Animals reciprocate in cleaning each other and removing blood suckers like ticks, fleas, and lice. The other theory is that allogrooming is primarily a social thing, a kind of snuggling with your buddy … or someone you want to be your buddy … with parasite removal as a side benefit.


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Funny Dogs Sleeping

Experienced pet owners know that our animal companions definitely have minds of their own, and do not always share our opinions about what is best for them. As we love to have a comfortable place to sleep so do the animals. So there are various types of beds for the pets to give them a comfortable sleep. So you have bought your pet a cute little bed or sofa, and allocated a proper sleeping place for it, but you can practically guarantee that the pet will decide it would prefer to sleep on something else usually in their bowl of food or water.
puppy_sleeping_ puppy_sleeping_1 puppy_sleeping_2 puppy_sleeping_3 puppy_sleeping_4 puppy_sleeping_5 puppy_sleeping_6 puppy_sleeping_7 puppy_sleeping_8 puppy_sleeping_9 puppy_sleeping_10 puppy_sleeping_11 puppy_sleeping_12 puppy_sleeping_13 puppy_sleeping_14 puppy_sleeping_15 puppy_sleeping_16 puppy_sleeping_17 puppy_sleeping_18 puppy_sleeping_19 puppy_sleeping_20 puppy_sleeping_21

Funny lazy animals

Animals, just like humans, have a wide range of personality traits such as laziness, which can gain them quite a reputation. As most others have stated being lazy in the animal kingdom can actually be an excellent tool for survival. Being lazy can help save energy. Laziness is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is common for animals to forage for food until satiated, and then spend most of their time doing nothing, or at least nothing in particular. They seek to “satisfice” their needs rather than obtaining an optimal diet or habitat. Even diurnal animals, which have a limited amount of daylight in which to accomplish their tasks, follow this pattern.

Social activity comes in a distant third to eating and resting for foraging animals. When more time must be spent foraging, animals are more likely to sacrifice time spent on aggressive behavior than time spent resting. Extremely efficient predators have more free time and thus often appear more lazy than relatively inept predators that have little free time.

Many animals who live in groups also use baby-sitters. Some might consider that lazy but it does give the parent a chance to feed, groom and rest. Just like us, if one cannot have the basics in life coupled with a bit of relaxing we can burn out which can make our immune systems weak.

Parrot and toaster

Parrot is favorite as pet due to their friendly and lovesome nature, intelligence, bright colours, and ability to simulate human voices. The domesticated Budgerigar, a lowly parrot, is the most popular of all pet bird species. Among greatest delights in having a parrot for a pet is seeing your parrot perform its tricks. Although many parrots discover a couple of tricks by themselves the norm is that a bird has to be trained to learn a trick.

The intelligence activity of parrots means they’re fast to learn tricks and a different behaviours — some good and bad — that will get them what they want, such as attention or treats.


Tiger Escaped From Chinese Zoo

Thankfully for the visitors to Chengdu Zoo in Sichuan Province, tiger from Chinese zoo is on safe. However, as you can see, tiger was a person in a fluffy costume who was helping bosses plan for a real big cat escape. We hope that guards actually learned something today…
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