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Too Cute For Words

Cats and kittens are adorable pets. They are next to dogs as man’s best friend. They are very charming pets that sometimes. We tend to be over them head over feet. They have this certain charm that we can not resist.

Nothing like your mothers love !!!
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Funny Dancing Animals

Who is the best dancer in the animal kingdom? Animals and pets are the most interest-provoking creatures of all. Funny pictures are truly a great piece of entertainment.

You can do a lot with these funny animal pictures and make your life full of fun since these pictures always bring a smile to your face when you see them.

Animals are amazingly energetic and sophisticated performers, often with an elegance and sense of rhythm.

We’ve collected the best dancing animals the Internet has to offer, so which one is the best?



Cats Playing a Board Game

Cats are known for being masters of coercion and strategy, so this picture makes perfect sense. The poise and the look of smug contentment are perfect. I am sure that if these cats could really play this game it would be filled with lies and deceit on a level that would make a nun blush. This game would last three turns and then they would get distracted. That is just how cats are.

I absolutely adore this picture. I wonder how much time was spent trying to get these cats to sit still long enough to snap this perfect shot. I bet a lot of treats and very quick foot work were involved.
Whether it is perfecting that mew they use to get you to give them treats or devising the acrobatic route they need to make a bomber run at your bird feeders, cats are devious and intelligent creatures.
Well… not all of them. An old roommate of mine had a cat, named Finn, who was an absolute dope. Apparently, his breed is known for having no common sense or street smarts. We were warned early on that he should never be an outdoor cat, by a vet none the less. I get the feeling that he would have no idea what to do outdoors. Where most cats look at bird feeders as buffets and dogs as mortal enemies, that cat just wanted to make friends with everyone. If my cat and Finn were playing this game it would be over in a heartbeat. Finn would take his turn and then my cat would pounce on him and beat him up until he admitted defeat. That’s how they used to play and I swear that they both loved it. Don’t worry. The claws never came out.

Kitten and monkey love

Kittens and monkeys are unlikely companions but as this photo show, they can get on just great both in the home environment and in the wild.

The Worlds Longest Cat

The longest in the world of the domestic cat has a length of 43 cm from the shoulders to the feet and included as such in the Guinness Book of Records. Name record holder Scarlett’s Magic, Savannah breed, she is 18 months. It is expected that in the near future, a cat will set another record, the same length, but from nose to tail. [Read more…]