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Too Cute For Words

Cats and kittens are adorable pets. They are next to dogs as man’s best friend. They are very charming pets that sometimes. We tend to be over them head over feet. They have this certain charm that we can not resist.

Nothing like your mothers love !!!
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Funny Dogs Sleeping

Experienced pet owners know that our animal companions definitely have minds of their own, and do not always share our opinions about what is best for them. As we love to have a comfortable place to sleep so do the animals. So there are various types of beds for the pets to give them a comfortable sleep. So you have bought your pet a cute little bed or sofa, and allocated a proper sleeping place for it, but you can practically guarantee that the pet will decide it would prefer to sleep on something else usually in their bowl of food or water.
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Hanging out with Lions in Orana Wildlife Park

Set in 80 hectares of tranquil grounds, Orana Wildlife Park is New Zealand’s only open range zoo and is located 15 minutes drive from Christchurch airport.  It opened in 1976, and is owned and operated by the Orana Wildlife Trust, a registered charity.

More than 400 animals of 70 different species are on show here. The park offers a range of unique, close up animal encounters at scheduled times. The largest wildlife reserve in New Zealand houses animals in their natural habitats with few barriers or fences, permitting visitors to see them up close and feed the gentler species. Experience unique encounters with lions.


Thrill seekers can experience the awesome lion encounter which takes people through the African lion habitat on board with specially modified vehicle for extremely close views of the “King of Beasts”.

orana_wildlife_park_1 orana_wildlife_park_2 orana_wildlife_park_3 orana_wildlife_park_4 orana_wildlife_park_5 orana_wildlife_park_6 orana_wildlife_park_7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA orana_wildlife_park_9 orana_wildlife_park_10 orana_wildlife_park_11 orana_wildlife_park_12 orana_wildlife_park_13 orana_wildlife_park_14

When a dog waiting for someone

Dogs like human beings are social beings. They are social creatures that have a very deeply ingrained need to socialize, interact, and play with others, whether they are dog or human. Nowadays, people are so occupied with their busy schedules, that it is becoming more and more difficult to find the quality time needed to perform the basic required duties of care taking of ones dog. The responsibility of owning a dog becomes such a burden.

Without a doubt, dogs, like humans, are social beings. Dogs require a certain amount of assurance from their masters that they are indeed cared for and thought of. And thus, require a certain amount of interaction, whether it be with other dogs or humans.

Making your dog feel that they are part of your everyday life and part of the family will keep you away from dealing with a lonely dog. You might be doing a great job getting your dog to mix with other dogs for play days, but the bottom line is that your dog wants and needs to spend time with you. With every part of your life demanding your time and attention, how then can you make sure your pet is not feeling left out and feeling isolated?
dog_waiting_ dog_waiting_1 dog_waiting_2 dog_waiting_3 dog_waiting_4 dog_waiting_5 dog_waiting_6 dog_waiting_7 dog_waiting_8 dog_waiting_9 dog_waiting_10  dog_waiting_12

Whatcha Lookin’ at

Every dedicated cat owner has a range of interactive cat toys at their disposal. All cats become very excited over these, and they are a great way for you to bond with your cat and have some great and fun times with them.

The good news is that there are lots of different cat toys around today that you can choose from. So whatever your cat happens to love playing with, you’re bound to find something they’ll fall in love with.

This is enormous fun and hugely amusing for you, as well as bringing lots of exercise into the day for your cat. This is good for indoor cats that don’t go outside at all, but every cat will appreciate this particular interactive cat toy for sure.

Cute Baby Bears in Primorye Safari Park

Dmitry Mezentsev, Head of the Shkotovo Safari Park in the Primorye Territory, holding two newborn Asian black bear cubs found in a den by gamekeepers. Their mother was killed by poachers.

Cubs weigh 13 ounces at birth, and will begin walking at four days of age, and open their eyes three days later. The skulls of newborn black bear cubs bear great resemblance to those of adult sun bears. Litters can consist of 1–4 cubs, with 2 being the average. Black bear cubs will nurse for 104–130 weeks, and become independent at 24–36 months. The average lifespan in the wild is 25 years, while the oldest Asian black bear in captivity died at the age of 44.




Funny Dancing Animals

Who is the best dancer in the animal kingdom? Animals and pets are the most interest-provoking creatures of all. Funny pictures are truly a great piece of entertainment.

You can do a lot with these funny animal pictures and make your life full of fun since these pictures always bring a smile to your face when you see them.

Animals are amazingly energetic and sophisticated performers, often with an elegance and sense of rhythm.

We’ve collected the best dancing animals the Internet has to offer, so which one is the best?



Who’s coming

Everyone who loves watching birds think that every bird deserves a home. Owl Houses can be positioned in trees, on a pole and on the outside or even inside of a building if there is access for the bird. But this is something unique, this owl has found new unusual home.

The Art of Hunting

When it comes to wildlife, the animals need the proficiency to hunt and to survive in extreme environments. In the today’s article you will see the comparison of Fox and Polar bear hunting skills. You be the judge and let us know which one you like better…

Funny lazy animals

Animals, just like humans, have a wide range of personality traits such as laziness, which can gain them quite a reputation. As most others have stated being lazy in the animal kingdom can actually be an excellent tool for survival. Being lazy can help save energy. Laziness is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so. It is common for animals to forage for food until satiated, and then spend most of their time doing nothing, or at least nothing in particular. They seek to “satisfice” their needs rather than obtaining an optimal diet or habitat. Even diurnal animals, which have a limited amount of daylight in which to accomplish their tasks, follow this pattern.

Social activity comes in a distant third to eating and resting for foraging animals. When more time must be spent foraging, animals are more likely to sacrifice time spent on aggressive behavior than time spent resting. Extremely efficient predators have more free time and thus often appear more lazy than relatively inept predators that have little free time.

Many animals who live in groups also use baby-sitters. Some might consider that lazy but it does give the parent a chance to feed, groom and rest. Just like us, if one cannot have the basics in life coupled with a bit of relaxing we can burn out which can make our immune systems weak.