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Angry Lion Kiss the Man


Did you ever think about what the cat trainers must keep up with? After you see this gif you will have a lot more respect for them. The Lion handler is way to confident and calm while his furry friend is angry. What happens next is an aww moment and a kiss. They might have over 400 lbs, but they surely have tiny cat spirit…

Funny monkey flea picking

Apes and monkeys (and lots of other animals as well) clean each other of dead skin, dirt, bits of leaves and other debris, and especially parasites like ticks, fleas, and lice. One study of Japanese macaques, found that overwhelmingly, what the monkeys were picking off each other were lice and lice eggs, which the cleaners then generally ate. Mmmm …

monkey-flea-picking-There are two theories about why animals engage in allogrooming, and as is often the case when two theories continue to compete for decades, both are probably true. The first idea is that it’s just about parasite removal and hygiene. Animals reciprocate in cleaning each other and removing blood suckers like ticks, fleas, and lice. The other theory is that allogrooming is primarily a social thing, a kind of snuggling with your buddy … or someone you want to be your buddy … with parasite removal as a side benefit.


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Cutest Baby Bears

When we all think about bears, we instantly imagine strong and robust animals out in the wild. Bears are well known as dangerous since they are great runners and climbers. However, after seeing today’s gallery i bet you will change your oppinion. Check out this beautiful pictures of baby bears.

baby_bears_Director Shkotovsky safari park in the Primorye Territory Mezentsev holding two newborn Himalayan bears, which the foresters found in the den. Unfortunately the bears mother has been killed by poachers but we expect great recovery of youngs in this great park…



Parade of Elephants Through the Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia

 If you want to see exotic wildlife, you could go to a zoo. If you want to experience beautiful, powerful, magnificent animals in their natural habitat, then a journey to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is in order. This is one of the most diverse and rich wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Mfuwe Lodge is built on elephants traditional route to mango groves. They see this as no obstacle whatsoever and continue on their way. [Read more…]

Poor Swan Between Two Angry Stags

This is the dramatic moment an unsuspecting swan is attacked by a stag in extraordinary scenes along a quiet London riverbed. As the tranquil swan gently moved along a stream through Bushy Park, in Richmond, either side of the water two male stags were preparing to clash. [Read more…]

Giraffe Swimming in the Pool

During the summer months, many families and friends spend time relaxing and having fun in their pool. There are several factors which should be taken into consideration before you swim in your pool. And of course, check that you do not have a giraffe in your pool. Just like the humans, animals will also find ways to adjust and acclimatized to the weather. During the summer, most warm-blooded animals will pant to lose their bodily heat through evaporation. They cool-off under the shade, or by soaking in pools of water.

When this unlikely guest took a dip in a club house swimming pool, he had no trouble keeping his head above the water… which is not surprising since he’s a giraffe.

 Read more:  dailymail.co.uk

Experience the Giraffe Manor

Built in the 1930s, Giraffe Manor is placed in twelve acres of private land within 140 acres of local forest and it is just twenty kilometres from Nairobi city centre. This deluxe boutique hotel functions as a home to several endangered Rothschild giraffes, and operates a breeding program to reintroduce breeding pairs back into the wild to protected the future of the subspecies.  Along with the giraffe, the place is likewise home to lots of species of birds, large families of warthogs and the elusive Bush Buck. Giraffe Manor provides an remarkable experience of the giraffes, with them vying for your attention at the dinner table, the leading door and also your bedroom window.
Staying at the exclusive Giraffe Manor House is unique and special experience. The Giraffe Manor offers a rich blend of welcoming accommodation, highly trained and friendly staff, as well as one of Nairobi’s finest kitchens. There are six fully furnished luxurious bedrooms at The Giraffe Manor, each with its own bathroom. The Karen Blixen Suite is larger and contains one double bed and two single beds.
Travelers from all over the world now make The Giraffe Manor part of their East African safari, the only place in the world where you can enjoy the breathtaking experience of feeding and photographing the giraffe over the breakfast table and at the front door. When you turn into the gates and bump along the dirt road winding through bush and riverine forest, you feel that you are far away from civilization. Warthogs run by, and there are giraffe among the trees. Your first, full frontal view of the manor is particularly impressive.

Hanging out with Lions in Orana Wildlife Park

Set in 80 hectares of tranquil grounds, Orana Wildlife Park is New Zealand’s only open range zoo and is located 15 minutes drive from Christchurch airport.  It opened in 1976, and is owned and operated by the Orana Wildlife Trust, a registered charity.

More than 400 animals of 70 different species are on show here. The park offers a range of unique, close up animal encounters at scheduled times. The largest wildlife reserve in New Zealand houses animals in their natural habitats with few barriers or fences, permitting visitors to see them up close and feed the gentler species. Experience unique encounters with lions.


Thrill seekers can experience the awesome lion encounter which takes people through the African lion habitat on board with specially modified vehicle for extremely close views of the “King of Beasts”.

orana_wildlife_park_1 orana_wildlife_park_2 orana_wildlife_park_3 orana_wildlife_park_4 orana_wildlife_park_5 orana_wildlife_park_6 orana_wildlife_park_7 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA orana_wildlife_park_9 orana_wildlife_park_10 orana_wildlife_park_11 orana_wildlife_park_12 orana_wildlife_park_13 orana_wildlife_park_14

Cute Baby Bears in Primorye Safari Park

Dmitry Mezentsev, Head of the Shkotovo Safari Park in the Primorye Territory, holding two newborn Asian black bear cubs found in a den by gamekeepers. Their mother was killed by poachers.

Cubs weigh 13 ounces at birth, and will begin walking at four days of age, and open their eyes three days later. The skulls of newborn black bear cubs bear great resemblance to those of adult sun bears. Litters can consist of 1–4 cubs, with 2 being the average. Black bear cubs will nurse for 104–130 weeks, and become independent at 24–36 months. The average lifespan in the wild is 25 years, while the oldest Asian black bear in captivity died at the age of 44.




Beautiful Black and White Animals Photos on Snow

The weather gets colder, days get shorter and leaves turn color and fall off the trees. Winter is here. Snow covers the ground. But what happens to the animals? Winter can be a difficult time for wildlife. Animals survive winter in different ways. Some species migrate to warmer climes; others hibernate. But for those animals that struggle through it, winter can be a cold, miserable time, and many of them die unnecessarily. Luckily some of these animals have their own personal fur coat to keep them warm.