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The Horse Life

Caring for a horse is a big responsibility. First of all since they are wild animals you need to make sure you a lot of land for the horse roam in. You don’t want to keep them cooped up all day. In case of extreme cold and heat you will also need a barn to keep them safe from the elements. A barn will provide them with a lot of protection and is a great place to groom them and feed them. If you ever want to transport your horse you need to make sure you have state of the line horse trailers to take the horse to shows or races. You will also need a heavy duty truck to make sure you can pull the trailer with ease.

Every day you need to wake up early and feed your horse, and if the horse slept in the barn you need to let the horse out to get exercise. Once the horse has left its stall you need to clean the stall to keep your horse healthy. You also will need to make sure the pasture is also kept clean. You also should interact frequently with your horse to help create that bond. If you choosing to ride your horse it is good to ride it a few times a week to keep that bond.

Having a horse can be a rewarding experience, whether you have the horse just as a pet or would like to show it in shows or race the horse. They do take a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is always rewarding. Make sure you are ready before you decide to take on such a responsibility though.

Beautiful Photograph of horses by Mikel Ortega on Bianditz mountain in Navarre, Spain. In the background you can see Aiako mountains landscapes.

You Have So Sweet Nose

The whole world in one eye

Suren started to photograph when he was sixteen. Suren involved nearly in all fields of photography, especially in Macro, Portraits, Creative photo projects, Landscape, etc. His photos were published in numerous magazines. Especially popular his series of close ups of human eyes called “Your beautiful eyes”.
After having examined the mirror of the human soul, Suren Manvelyan switches to the animals’ eyes. This project is unique as each creature shows an exclusive ‘landscape’ because each animal has a unique shape, pattern and color of the eye. Manvelyan uses macrophotography to reveal the perfect beauty created by nature.

photo source:  surenmanvelyan.com

Nylus crocodile

A black rabbit

Albino Tiger Reticulated python

Tiger Reticulated python


Husky dog, right eye

Husky dog, left eye

A fish eye

Siam cat

The sterlet

Blue Crayfish

The hyena

The horse


A snail

Dragonfly Close Up

Top Speed Puppy

In case you think this is hunting dog, and that this is reason dog run this fast, you’re wrong. It’s just regular puppy having fun in the field.

Adorable Koalas

Koalas are quite peaceful animals, often to the extent that any interaction with humans causes stress to them. They spend most of their time, almost 16 to 18 hours in a day, sleeping. This is because their metabolism has exceptionally low rate, in proportion to the other mammals. The common onlookers often mistake these interesting looking animals to be a subspecies of bear due to its appearance.

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Sleeping Baby Husky

After hard day of playing and being cute, baby husky need to lay down and rest.