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Frog Umbrella

All of us are familiar with them. They are easily available in the ponds, streams, lakes etc. during the rainy season their croaking sounds can be easily heard which disturbs our peace. We are talking about the frogs.  Just like the humans, during the rainy day frogs enjoy having the umbrellas with them but since there are no frog umbrellas they has to improvise and select the natural shelter that works the best: the mushrooms.
frog-This frog appears to hide from the rain by using a leaf to keep dry. [Read more…]

Beggar Cat

This cat begging money was spotted in one of the cities of Belarus. He stays on one place with a note that reads “need money for meat and fish, bless you”. He doesn’t leave his place and protects the money just with his sight. His owner was found nearby. It was an old lady. She told the story that she had rescued the cat from the slaughters, but at that time she had already owned some pets and couldn’t feed them all, so he decided to let the pets earn the money for themselves. [Read more…]

Cutest Baby Bears

When we all think about bears, we instantly imagine strong and robust animals out in the wild. Bears are well known as dangerous since they are great runners and climbers. However, after seeing today’s gallery i bet you will change your oppinion. Check out this beautiful pictures of baby bears.

baby_bears_Director Shkotovsky safari park in the Primorye Territory Mezentsev holding two newborn Himalayan bears, which the foresters found in the den. Unfortunately the bears mother has been killed by poachers but we expect great recovery of youngs in this great park…



Parade of Elephants Through the Mfuwe Lodge, Zambia

 If you want to see exotic wildlife, you could go to a zoo. If you want to experience beautiful, powerful, magnificent animals in their natural habitat, then a journey to South Luangwa National Park in Zambia is in order. This is one of the most diverse and rich wildlife sanctuaries in the world. Mfuwe Lodge is built on elephants traditional route to mango groves. They see this as no obstacle whatsoever and continue on their way. [Read more…]

Poor Swan Between Two Angry Stags

This is the dramatic moment an unsuspecting swan is attacked by a stag in extraordinary scenes along a quiet London riverbed. As the tranquil swan gently moved along a stream through Bushy Park, in Richmond, either side of the water two male stags were preparing to clash. [Read more…]

Too Cute For Words

Cats and kittens are adorable pets. They are next to dogs as man’s best friend. They are very charming pets that sometimes. We tend to be over them head over feet. They have this certain charm that we can not resist.

Nothing like your mothers love !!!
cats_love_ [Read more…]

Firefox has frozen

How often you can see a fox how to play, stretch and sleep on the snow, this cute fox a really know how to enjoy in the cold and snowy days.
Fox on ice_
Fox on ice_1
Fox on ice_2
Fox on ice_3
Fox on ice_4
Fox on ice_5

Cute Animals Hiding

You can learn a lot about play from watching animals. And when they play they do it wholeheartedly, with complete focus. For all those animals who are looking for new games to play with their friends, hide and seek is a wonderful choice. It provides great mental and physical stimulation for the animals.

I love to watch animals play because they don’t care how silly they look or what anybody else is doing. They focus on enjoying themselves. And when play time is over, it’s over and they go back to whatever they were doing before.
cute_hiding_animals_ cute_hiding_animals_1
cute hiding animals_2 cute hiding animals_3 cute hiding animals_4 cute hiding animals_6 cute hiding animals_7 cute hiding animals_8 cute hiding animals_9 cute hiding animals_10 cute hiding animals_11 cute hiding animals_12 cute hiding animals_13 cute hiding animals_14 cute hiding animals_15 cute hiding animals_16 cute hiding animals_17

Giraffe Swimming in the Pool

During the summer months, many families and friends spend time relaxing and having fun in their pool. There are several factors which should be taken into consideration before you swim in your pool. And of course, check that you do not have a giraffe in your pool. Just like the humans, animals will also find ways to adjust and acclimatized to the weather. During the summer, most warm-blooded animals will pant to lose their bodily heat through evaporation. They cool-off under the shade, or by soaking in pools of water.

When this unlikely guest took a dip in a club house swimming pool, he had no trouble keeping his head above the water… which is not surprising since he’s a giraffe.

 Read more:  dailymail.co.uk

Cute Animals Relaxing

Who doesn’t want to be relaxed? What don’t we do for it? Relaxation is very important for anyone and everyone. No exaggeration. Have you had times when you “just needed to relax”, but you could not? It’s pretty common, but those animals don’t have this problem.

Relaxation is like a medication you can create naturally in your body that will help heal the damage caused by stress. And the ability to relax and unwind is the very best medication available for anyone.

animals_relaxing_ animals_relaxing_1 animals_relaxing_2 animals_relaxing_3 animals_relaxing_4 red panda on tree animals_relaxing_6 animals_relaxing_7 animals_relaxing_8 animals_relaxing_9 animals_relaxing_10 animals_relaxing_11 animals_relaxing_12 animals_relaxing_13 animals_relaxing_14 animals_relaxing_15 animals_relaxing_16 animals_relaxing_17 animals_relaxing_18 animals_relaxing_19 animals_relaxing_20 animals_relaxing_21