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Angry Lion Kiss the Man


Did you ever think about what the cat trainers must keep up with? After you see this gif you will have a lot more respect for them. The Lion handler is way to confident and calm while his furry friend is angry. What happens next is an aww moment and a kiss. They might have over 400 lbs, but they surely have tiny cat spirit…

Beautiful Birds Helper

In last couple days, girl named Paige won the internet! Couple of her pictures with big birds went viral on reddit and other social sites and everyone instantly fell in love with her. She runs the animal center named Paige Wildlife rehabilitation and she is helping animals in need. Check out the pictures bellow or visit her instagram for even more pictures.








Adorable owl and dog are best friends

We know that friends come in all shapes and sizes in the human world. But dogs are supposed to chase and harass birds, not befriend them. Someone forgot to tell Ingo the shepherd dog this fact because he gets along with birds just fine, in fact he might even fool you into thinking he is a bird! His best buddy is a little owl that is literally smaller than the Shepherd’s head.

These photos are all taken by Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer from Germany. Case and point: Ingo’s best little pal is a very cute owl named Poldi. Tanja Brandt creates animal photos and collages for work, and these two make the most perfect subjects. The pair is always happy to cuddle up close for a great photo.

Funny monkey flea picking

Apes and monkeys (and lots of other animals as well) clean each other of dead skin, dirt, bits of leaves and other debris, and especially parasites like ticks, fleas, and lice. One study of Japanese macaques, found that overwhelmingly, what the monkeys were picking off each other were lice and lice eggs, which the cleaners then generally ate. Mmmm …

monkey-flea-picking-There are two theories about why animals engage in allogrooming, and as is often the case when two theories continue to compete for decades, both are probably true. The first idea is that it’s just about parasite removal and hygiene. Animals reciprocate in cleaning each other and removing blood suckers like ticks, fleas, and lice. The other theory is that allogrooming is primarily a social thing, a kind of snuggling with your buddy … or someone you want to be your buddy … with parasite removal as a side benefit.


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monkey-flea-picking-14 monkey-flea-picking-15 monkey-flea-picking-16 monkey-flea-picking-17 monkey-flea-picking-18

When emergency pet hospital may help?

We all adore our little friends and want to do our best to treat them properly. But sometimes unpredictable things can appear. This article will explain what actually pet hospitals do in general and why they are so needed. Our pets are very restless, they have energy to run around you and at the same time find something two blocks away from you when you are on a walk; when you are not at home they always try to amuse themselves and might get into troubles. Here are the most common situations when emergency pet hospital is the only way to help your friends.

Trauma. Sometimes you might not even notice that something has happened as no visual proofs like scratches or bleeding are seen, but different kinds of trauma like falling from heights or getting hit by a car can result in internal injuries. If you are suspicious of your pet having something like that, take it to an emergency pet hospital where professionals will help you right away.

Wounds from bites. Sometimes animals may fall out and then fight getting bite wounds from other domestic or sometimes even wild animals. Usually such wounds are more serious than we take them and they are well noticed. These wounds are serious because of infection and sepsis which can be easily treated by a veterinarian.

Breathing problems. If you watch your pets having increased respiratory rate, hard breathing effort, hear them wheezing or notice them having pale or bluish gums, know that these are symptoms of respiratory distress which can result in a delay of delivering oxygen to vital organs, like heart or brain.

Toxin exposure. Toxins can get into the body in various ways: by ingesting, through the skin absorption, or even by inhaling. Usually ingested toxins get into the pets through rat/snake/spider baits and poisons, chocolate, human and pet anti-inflammatory medications, human’s drugs, fruits, vegetables, and other plants. If you have even slight suspicion, call emergency pet hospital to get the appropriate consultation.

Unproductive retching. Retching is what people call vomiting, but this also includes attempts of unproductive vomiting. Sometimes you may see bloated abdomen/stomach.These symptoms can be signs of gastric problems up to twisted stomach (which is a lethal diagnosis without treatment). Should you notice this, come immediately to the emergency pet hospital to get proper treatment.

Vomiting. This is usually caused by foreign body obstructions. Frequent vomiting can lead to dehydration and electrolyte abnormalities which can be corrected by a veterinarian even before the real cause is discovered.

Other most common problems: delivering problems, straining to urinate (unproductively), bleeding.

One of the most important steps for you is to have a short list of some pet emergencies close to your house, because you never know when it can help you and your pet. If you feel suspicious about your pet’s health, look for veterinary assistance immediately. And always remember that you know your pet better than the doctor, and if you feel any concern, this is an emergency situation.

Marilyn Bass, a careful and thoughtful owner of two dogs describes you the importance of an emergency pet hospital for your little friends.

Top 5 reasons owning a cat is better than owning a dog

In this everlasting battle between cats and dogs there seems to be no winner because both pets have advantages and disadvantages. Both canines and felines make great and loyal friends and companions and both these animals might cause some nuisance associated with extra cleaning and walking. However, there are some unique pluses attributed to cats which will make those people who don’t have particular preferences call a shelter immediately in order to find best friend and adopt a cat.

  1. The first great benefit for thrifty people is that cats are cheaper than dogs to take care of. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals conducted a research which found that owning a kitty can save you up at least $500 a year. You can economize on food because cats are known to eat much less; supplies such as muzzles, leashes, collars because cats do not require regular walks; toys because cats are believed to be more careful with them. Also you won’t have to spend a lot on training classes and veterinary expenses are as a rule higher for doggies than for kitties.
  2. Pet therapy is getting more and more popular nowadays, especially among people suffering from high blood pressure. The benefits of such therapy have been proved by numerous studies in this field. Although both cats and dogs are famous for reducing stress and anxiety in their owners, cats are known to do this task better than dogs. Being so called “lap animals” they enjoy cuddling which is great when a person wants to calm down and relax.
  3. People are getting more and more environmentally concerned and start bothering about everything that can have a negative impact on the environment. One of the biggest concerns nowadays is the level of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The book “Time to Eat the Dog: The Real Guide to Sustainable Living” written by Robert and Brenda Vale is devoted to the problem of carbon footprints of different common pets. The findings turned out to be very interesting. Due to the fact that dogs consume more meat which requires a lot of resources to produce, their carbon footprint equals to a standard SUV. Cats are known to eat less and correspondingly, their carbon footprint equals to a small city car.
  4. In terms of water consumption, cats are also much more economical that dogs. Not only do they drink less, but also it takes much less water to clean them. Cats do not like bathing and splashing in water and can take care of themselves with their tongue.
  5. Though very controversial and debatable topic, but a number of studies published their findings claiming that cat people are more intelligent than those who love dogs. The recognized fact that cat people tend to be more open-minded nonconformists make them smarter than generally obedient dog people.

Of course, these facts will not make you cease to search Kijiji for dog adoption if these pets appeal to you more. This article might shed some light for those who haven’t yet made up their mind which pet to choose.

Cat’s reaction after losing her best friend

His Dog Died Of Cancer 2 Weeks Ago. The House Cat’s Reaction Was Heartbreaking

Frog Umbrella

All of us are familiar with them. They are easily available in the ponds, streams, lakes etc. during the rainy season their croaking sounds can be easily heard which disturbs our peace. We are talking about the frogs.  Just like the humans, during the rainy day frogs enjoy having the umbrellas with them but since there are no frog umbrellas they has to improvise and select the natural shelter that works the best: the mushrooms.
frog-This frog appears to hide from the rain by using a leaf to keep dry. [Read more…]

The Horse Life

Caring for a horse is a big responsibility. First of all since they are wild animals you need to make sure you a lot of land for the horse roam in. You don’t want to keep them cooped up all day. In case of extreme cold and heat you will also need a barn to keep them safe from the elements. A barn will provide them with a lot of protection and is a great place to groom them and feed them. If you ever want to transport your horse you need to make sure you have state of the line horse trailers to take the horse to shows or races. You will also need a heavy duty truck to make sure you can pull the trailer with ease.

Every day you need to wake up early and feed your horse, and if the horse slept in the barn you need to let the horse out to get exercise. Once the horse has left its stall you need to clean the stall to keep your horse healthy. You also will need to make sure the pasture is also kept clean. You also should interact frequently with your horse to help create that bond. If you choosing to ride your horse it is good to ride it a few times a week to keep that bond.

Having a horse can be a rewarding experience, whether you have the horse just as a pet or would like to show it in shows or race the horse. They do take a lot of work, but at the end of the day it is always rewarding. Make sure you are ready before you decide to take on such a responsibility though.

Beautiful Photograph of horses by Mikel Ortega on Bianditz mountain in Navarre, Spain. In the background you can see Aiako mountains landscapes.

Beggar Cat

This cat begging money was spotted in one of the cities of Belarus. He stays on one place with a note that reads “need money for meat and fish, bless you”. He doesn’t leave his place and protects the money just with his sight. His owner was found nearby. It was an old lady. She told the story that she had rescued the cat from the slaughters, but at that time she had already owned some pets and couldn’t feed them all, so he decided to let the pets earn the money for themselves. [Read more…]